Welcome to BigTen Storage!  The most affordable self storage in Palm Springs CA.  We have a wide variety of storage size options available from 4×4 all the way up to 20×20.  We also offer Vehicle and RV storage.

We also run monthly specials.  You can check them out here.

What makes Big 10 Storage unique is that –

  • Our ceilings are 13 feet tall. Most other storage facility ceilings are nine.

  • Our storage units are made of wood so the interior is actually cooler than the majority of units that are built with concrete and  metal.

  • We are family owned and we always answer the phone.  Most of these large facilities have an operator that is not even in the state where the facility is at. They offer very little information except pricing.

  • Almost every storage facility offers teaser rates of one dollar or $.99 to move you in …. three months after you move in they begin raising the rates every 3 to 6 months and they never stop.  We bring you in at the lowest rate possible and we keep you there for at least one year.

  • We have 24 hour camera surveillance that we monitor from the office as well as remotely and we also have a security guard who walks the facility nightly.

What are you waiting for.  Call us today at 760-327-7707

4×4 Storage Unit  $40.00/month

4×5 Storage Unit  $43.00/month

5×5 Storage Unit  $45.00/month

5×8 Storage Unit $55.00/month

6×7 Storage Unit  $58.00/month

7×7 Storage Unit  $64.00/month

6×10 Storage Unit  $70.00/month

10×10 Storage Unit  $120.00/month

10×20 Storage Unit  $165.00/month

10×30 Storage Unit  $230.00/month

20×20 Storage Unit  $330.00/month

10×20 Vehicle Storage  $65.00/month

10×40 RV Storage  $130.00